The Arts Society Neroche South Somerset (formerly Neroche DFAS) has been offering members a vibrant and interesting programme of lectures, study days, visits and other arts related events since it was founded in 1973.

It is now part of an internationally strong organisation - THE ARTS SOCIETY -  made up of more that 380 UK Societies and additional ones overseas. Part of our local Society's name is taken from Castle Neroche which once stood on the edge of the Blackdown Hills. The castle has long disappeared but the beautiful area offers views out over South Somerset.

Neroche holds 9 monthly lectures from October through to July, excepting January, on a broad range of arts based subjects. All are presented by experienced ARTS SOCIETY accredited lecturers. Please see the Lectures page for the 2019 - 20 lecture programme.

In addition:

  • Two Study Days are held each season allowing for a more in depth look at an artistic subject and the opportunity to socialise with other members over lunch (see Study Day page)
  • There are visits to places of interest (see Visits page)
  • As part of THE ARTS SOCIETY Young Arts initiative, Neroche offers annual bursaries to support local young people in their study of the arts. (see Young Arts page)

Why not try us out by first coming as a visitor to one of our lectures, for a donation of £10 per visit?  A visitor can attend up to twice in any season. We look forward to welcoming you.