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04 November 2019Magnificent Mosaics – Windows into the Colourful Roman World
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06 July 2020Phaetons to Phantoms

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Magnificent Mosaics – Windows into the Colourful Roman World Christopher Bradley Monday 04 November 2019

The Romans have left us with a remarkable artistic record of their lifestyle, beliefs, achievements and entertainment, in the form of beautiful mosaics. From the best museums and collections around the world we see how they developed earlier Greek designs; the cities in which they lived; the Gods and myths in which they believed; and the exotic and indulgent lives of the Romans themselves - from Britain to Sicily, from Morocco to Syria. This lavishly illustrated lecture uses only mosaics from start to finish, bringing the distant world of the Romans gloriously back to life with vibrant, colourful images full of action. So, this is the rise and fall of the Roman Empire but as you have never seen it before – through the eyes of the Roman people themselves and the contemporary mosaics they created to reflect and decorate their fascinating, colourful world.