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09 April 2018Giles - His Life, Times and Cartoons
14 May 2018The Bronzes of Ife and Benin and a historical review of the art of NIgeria
04 June 2018Lover, Teacher, Muse .......or Rival? - Exploring the careers of notable artist couples
02 July 2018Fuego, Humo, y Hierra - How Spanish artists portrayed the Iron and Steel industry of Bilbao

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Giles - His Life, Times and Cartoons Barry Vennings Monday 09 April 2018

The cartoonist Carl Giles once siad that he loved his creation Grandma Giles - that fearsome, black-clad, gambling, drinking battle-axe - because she allowed him to say things through his cartoons that he was too polite to say in person. She helped him poke fun at authority in all its forms, from Hitler to traffic wardens and even his employers at the Daily Express. He had endless admirers and was voted Britain's best loved cartoonist in 2000. Few people realise that this likeable and humane satirist was also a war correspondent who witnessed the horrors of Belson, where he found that the camp Commandant, Josef Kramer, was also a great fan of his work. Giles gave us a picture of a half century of British life which the lecturer will explore. He was also, as his editor John Gordon put it, "a spreader of happiness" and a "genius.... with the common touch".