As part of an initiative by THE ARTS SOCIETY to support young people interested in the arts, Neroche offers an annual bursary to encourage and support their involvement. These are presented either to individual young and local artists active in the field of art, design, music, dance or performance arts or to schools in the area needing extra funding to run art visits and projects.

The photograph is of our cheque presentation to the winners of the 2015-16 bursary, Stanchester Academy in Stoke sub Hamdon.

The 2016-17 bursary was awarded to George Horgan, a Sixth Form student from Wadham School in Crewkerne who toured the Far East in summer 2016 with the National Youth Choir of Great Britain. The grant was towards the cost of an experience of a lifetime for George, involving performing in concerts  across the Far East. 

The winner / winners of the 2017-18 bursary will be announced here as soon as it is awarded.