As part of an initiative by THE ARTS SOCIETY to support young people interested in the arts, Neroche offers an annual bursary to encourage and support their involvement. The winner of the 2015-16 bursary was Stanchester Academy in Stoke sub Hamdon which arranged for a sculptor to work with students during a week long worshop.

The 2016-17 bursary was awarded to George Horgan, a Sixth Form student from Wadham School in Crewkerne to support his performance with the National Youth Choir of Great Britain in concerts across the Far East. 

The 2017-18 bursary went to students at Fairmead School Yeovil which caters for 4 to 19 year old students with Moderate Learning Dificulties. In summer 2018, a group of students worked with sculptor Jan Niedojadio on sculptures from re-cycled materials. Examples of their work were displayed as part of Neroche's exhibition at Dartington Hall on July 18 and 19 2018.

Spring 2019 - Neroche was delighted to be awarded £200 from the Mayor of Ilminmster's Charity Fund, for use on a project with Young People in Ilminster. Sincere thanks to Mayor Julie Fowler for her consideration and generousity.The committee is adding a further £200 to the funding and a suitable project is under development, with full details published here as soon as arrangements are complete.